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Crafting Unity, Revisiting Heritage


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Our Story

Transforming Lives Through Art

Kanyamakan Designs emerged from the heart of Tripoli, a city once divided by sectarian clashes. Our mission is to breathe new life into the traditional carpentry industry, transforming former adversaries into skilled artisans through comprehensive vocational training. This initiative is not just about furniture; it’s about rewriting stories of love and war into narratives of hope and new beginnings.

Empowerment Through Artistry

Transforming lives by providing vocational training in furniture making and design, turning former enemies into skilled artisans.

Sustainability and Innovation

Reviving the traditional craft of carpentry in Tripoli with modern techniques and designs, promoting economic sustainability and environmental consciousness through upcycling.

Healing and Reconciliation

Facilitating a unique platform for storytelling and healing, where every piece of furniture narrates a tale of love, war, and unity, fostering community resilience and peacebuilding.

Kanyamakan; في قديم الزمان

Until 2014 in Tripoli, Lebanon, the neighbourhoods of Jabal Mohsen and Beb el Tebbeneh were torn apart by sectarian violence disrupting local crafts such as carpentry and tailoring. MARCH, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation launched the “Kanyamakan” project to bridge these divides by uniting former fighters from both sides. At the Kanyamakan hub, these reintegrating youths receive vocational training in various crafts, turning conflict into creativity. They now create unique products that symbolise resilience and unity, working towards successfully replacing hatred with love and innovation.

Kanyamakan is a sustainable social initiative by MARCH in Tripoli, Lebanon, that empowers former fighters and marginalised youth through vocational training in sustainable craftsmanship. By transforming reclaimed materials into unique artisanal products, Kanyamakan fosters social cohesion, personal growth, and economic sustainability, helping rebuild lives and communities.

Discover Kanyamakan's Artisanal Collection

Step into the world of Kanyamakan, where every product is a masterpiece of cultural craftsmanship. From the sturdy grains of our wooden furniture to the delicate threads of our embroidery, each piece tells a tale of Tripoli’s rich heritage.

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Visit Kanyamakan Gallery to discover a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. Take home a piece of Tripoli’s vibrant artistic heritage, each item with its own unique story and charm.

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Support a brighter future for Lebanon and explore Kanyamakan’s unique collection, handcrafted by resilient youth turning their violent past into beautiful creation.

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Learn about the craftsmanship that defines Kanyamakan's furniture, from historical techniques to contemporary designs.

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Contact us for help choosing furniture that aligns with your taste and the impactful story of Kanyamakan.

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Engage with Kanyamakan’s efforts in fostering a network dedicated to sustainability and local craftsmanship.


Voices of Transformation: Unity Forged Through Craftsmanship

In Their Own Words: Testimonies of Reconciliation and Craft.

Ali Kataya
Ali Kataya
Youth from the Program
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“I left school when I was 8. Then I spent my youth fighting because I was told: the other is an enemy! He is another, don’t trust him. Now I know it was all a lie.”
Bram Kerkhofs
Bram Kerkhofs
Renowned Belgium designer
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“I was so happy to spend two weeks with these young men. They were so dedicated and fascinated by the project. We called it “Sawa” meaning together."
Jana Hafez
Jana Hafez
Youth from the Program
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“I was excited to learn something new in carpentry especially that Bram introduced new techniques which are rarely found in Lebanon.”
Nataly Salameh
Nataly Salameh
Founder at Crafted Treasures
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Old objects have a history. They carry with them the imprint and memories of the people who used them. By restoring them we are giving them a new life. A bit like these young people who were also neglected in the past. They also have their story to write or paint. All they need is people to believe in them.
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